Resouces available: Zang1817 genome assembly and annotation

Zang1817 genome assembly has been deposited at DDBJ/ENA/GenBank under the accession JACSIS000000000.
High-confidence gene model (GFF3): Zang1817_PseudoGenome_HC_gene_model.gff3.gz [download].
Low-confidence gene model (GFF3): Zang1817_PseudoGenome_LC_gene_model.gff3.gz [download].
Function annotation of gene model (TSV): Zang1817_PseudoGenome_Function_Annotation.txt.gz [download].
Transposable element annotation (GFF3): Zang1817_TE.gff3.gz [download].

Section 2: Whole genome resequencing

The re-sequenced collection contains 308 hexaploid wheat accessions in total, covering 74 Tibetan semi-wild accessions, 43 Chinese cultivars accessions and 102 Chinese landrace accessions (including 35 Tibetan landrace accessions), and 89 accessions from countries word-widely beyond China. The re-sequenced 245 wheat accessions in this study and previous published 63 accessions were combined together in this study.

Resouces available: sample metadata

Metadata of Resequencing samples in this study (XLSX): Sample_metadata.xlsx [download].
Metadata of Resequencing samples in this study (XLSX) in ㊥: 样本信息.xlsx [download].
Online metadata query form

Resouces available: resequencing data

The genomic sequencing reads of 245 sample in this project have been deposited to NCBI Sequence Read Archive with accession PRJNA596843. These data are also available at National Genomics Data Center (NGDC) hosted by Beijing Institute of Genomics (BIG) with BioProject ID: PRJCA002215.

Resouces available: genomic variation dataset (powered by SnpHub)

Genomic variation could be retrived and analyzed on SnpHub, access link.


Weilong Guo*, Mingming Xin*, Zihao Wang*, Yingyin Yao, Zhaorong Hu, Wanjun Song, Kuohai Yu, Yongming Chen, Xiaobo Wang, Panfeng Guan, Rudi Appels, Huiru Peng#, Zhongfu Ni#, Qixin Sun#. (2020). Origin and adaptation to high altitude of Tibetan semi-wild wheat, Nature Communications, doi:10.1038/s41467-020-18738-5.
*These authors contributed equally to this work.
#Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to Huiru Peng (email: penghuiru at, Zhongfu Ni (email: nizf at or Qixin Sun (email: qxsun at

External links

Triticeae Multi-omics Center:
The Triticeae Multi-omics Center holds and collects data for species in Triticeae tribe. Some useful utilities, such as
- Genome BLAST,
- Sequence retrieval,
- Genome browser
and others are available for Zang1817.

Triticeae-GeneTribe (TGT)
Collinearity-incorporating homology database for Triticeae genomes. Zang1817 genome has been incorporated into TGT and is ready for analysis.
Quick examples:
- Finding homologues between Zang1817 and Chinese Spring (IWGSC RefSeqv1.1),
- Macro collinearity of chr1A between Zang1817 and Chinese Spring (IWGSC RefSeqv1.1).