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Sympatric speciation of wild emmer wheat driven by ecology and chromosomal rearrangements

Method: Resequencing.
Tetraploid sample: 35.
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Tracing the ancestry of modern bread wheats

Method: Whole-Exome-Capture.
Hexaploid sample: 436; Tetraploid: 38; Diploid: 13.
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Wenxi Wang, Zihao Wang, Xintong Li, Zhongfu Ni, Zhaorong Hu, Mingming Xin, Huiru Peng, Yingyin Yao, Qixin Sun, Weilong Guo. (2020). SnpHub: an easy-to-set-up web server framework for exploring large-scale genomic variation data in the post-genomic era with applications in wheat. GigaScience, 9(6), giaa060.

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